The beautiful island of Koh Samui has been inhabited for more than 1500 years and here you will not only discover a rich history and an amazing place, but also a group of extremely warm and friendly people. Also called “heaven on Earth” Koh Samui definitely lives up to its name as it features some of the most beautiful beaches in the world along with superb fauna and wildlife. The primary beaches in Koh Samui are Lamai and Chaweng but the others are not to be overlooked since they offer a high standard when it comes to both entertainment and accommodation. Many come to Koh Samui to accomplish their lifelong dream, and even if it’s for only a few days or a few weeks, living on an island is definitely a worthwhile experience.

The House on the Hill is located just minutes away from the main beaches and other important spots. Although you will find the location extremely peaceful it is by no means isolated as it provides you with the comfort and privacy you need during your stay in Koh Samui.

You might wonder why it is called the House on the Hill; this is because this astonishing architectural jewel is located on the hill above View Point in Koh Samui which does not only offers a majestic feel to this imposing building but also offers a spectacular view upon the beach and the horizon. This is one of those places that you think you can only see in movies or read about in books. Fortunately, your dream of having a superb house on the hill with a view that few are able to admire is here. The House on the Hill is not just a house, it’s a statement of architectural perfection in a location that has been ripped from the pages of a great novel.