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About Project

We believe innovation in the way we design and build our buildings is something that can change the world. Here you will find a modern approach that relies strongly on renewable materials, efficient energy and of course a comfortable, inviting atmosphere.
The most striking element of the house is its large windows that bring the exterior inside, creating a unique bond with the outdoors while preserving an intimate and comfortable feeling. The one story house is deceivingly simple, hiding a host of amazing design details behind its white walls and expansive windows. The large balconies and extended roof provide shade and along with the natural ventilation system cool the house. The white finish reflects heat while giving the building an incredible presence and character.
The slim, dark frames contrast with the white finish giving off a subtle elegance. The exterior of the house if surrounded in young vegetation that will help increase privacy while the backyard offers a large pool and lounge area that complement the entire theme of the property through their color scheme and design. The large pool is the main element of the backdoor yard, with the adjacent lounge area being spacious enough to have several friends over or even host a party.
The interior is a celebration of simplicity and sleek design. As far as the color scheme goes, it beautifully complements the exterior of the building with white being the dominant color in almost every room. Each room also creates the same elegant contrast with dark grey or charcoal furniture or fittings. The light bathed living room creates a safe ambiance with the large dark grey couch, rug and other furnishing.
The kitchen is another area than enjoys high quality light due to the wall to ceiling windows. It is a spectacle of white furniture, crisp edges and minimalism. A single dark counter top layers the room, creating some much needed contrast and definition. A large wooden dining table is set in the open space kitchen allowing more than 10 people to sit at a single time. All lighting elements are highly stylized and create a pleasant, sage atmosphere while also offering a unique focal point.
The bathroom is spacious, with large windows. It offers privacy with the help of some light and very airy curtains while the entire rooms keeps the main contrast theme of the house between white renders and dark grey fittings.